Using Oyster Shell in Your Garden

Using oyster shell uses are very wide & you can use them in different industries & agricultures. Oyster is a common name that every people love them very much. Although a lot of people may don’t know about the different uses & benefits of the oyster shells. In this article, we are going to talk about these things more. Stay with us until the end. 

Using Oyster Shell in Your Garden

What is oyster shell uses for?

What is oyster shell uses for?

Oyster is a common word that is covering the outside of the soft animals. Animals like bivalves & gastropod are covering their bodies with the oysters. The quality of the oysters are made from silicate. These animals have one or two oysters that make from the lime. These oysters are covering the soft body of these animals. Some kind of oysters are edible & some of them are very poison. In Iran people know this animals as the pearls maker.

The color of the oyster shell is the color of the pearls. Some person uses oyster shells for decorating their houses. If the soft animal is bigger, the out shape is going to bigger & harder. The quality of the oysters is from calcium carbonate, too. The soft animal brings the needed lime for making the shells from the water. As I said before, oyster shells are using in the medicine, pharmacy, industrials, agriculture, purification & making different foods with them. Because of this reason, oyster shells are very important for the people around the world. These oyster shells are very useful for the old people & they can improve their digestive & safety system. Let’s to talk about these things. 

Oyster shell fertilizer benefits

In this article, we are going to talk about the benefits of the oyster shell ph fertilizers. Every gardeners want to use some natural & local materials for its plants & flowers when it is possible. For this reason, they are a lot of way that we can do. For example, gardeners can use crushed seashells for their plants, vegetables & flowers.

Most of the people in Florida are doing this way. These crushed seashells not only can be used as the aesthetic purpose but also as the natural fertilizer. Some people use eggshells & other compost materials for their plants & flowers. Because these things, oyster mussel & eggshells, are full of calcium carbonate sources. In this way, the plants, flowers & vegetables have this calcium carbonate.

So, using these eggshells, crushed seashells & other compost is a good idea as a natural fertilizers. Using these things in the gardens help to improve the crop productivity in a large number. The uses for oyster shells garden is good for both backyard gardens & agriculture operations. These natural materials release healthy & helpful nutrients into the soils & balance the PH & other nutrients in the soil. In this way, these natural fertilizers are very helpful. 

Oyster shell powder skin benefits

Oyster shell powder skin benefits

As I said before, oysters are very healthy for the body & have a lot of benefits. oyster mussel helps people to lose weight, improving the health of the heart, reducing the blood pressure, improving the wounds rapidly, reducing stress, depression & anger, making the bones stronger, preventing from arthritis, increasing the energy inside the body, improving the safety system, increasing the sexual desires in men, increasing the producing of testosterone, increasing the health sight, increasing the absorption of anti-oxidants & reducing the insomnia. These are the benefits of the oyster shell powder.

But the most important benefits are curing the acnes. The zinc inside of the oyster shells are disappearing the microbes of the acnes. It also reducing the inflammation, clean the skin & reducing the keratinocytes. Most of the people use the artificial materials to disappear their acnes but natural materials like seashells are good for removing the acnes. The other positive points is that seashells are helping the people to have a healthy & beauty face.

Seashells are full of vitamin A, B1, D, C & B2. Also, they have different vitamins & minerals like: calcium, manganese, iron, potassium, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin & magnesium. They are protecting from collagenization & preventing from getting wrinkles.

The medicine benefits of the oyster shell?

The medicine benefits of the oyster shell?

Oyster shell uses are very a lot in medicine. Seashells are the symbol of love, beauty, protecting, peace, relaxing, happy & relieve. Seashells are very helpful for struggling with the problems & sensitive feelings. Seashells are relaxing the mind from every bad situation & increasing the sense cooperation in the people. Seashells are good for curing the arthritis & the other muscle problems, joints problems, heart problems & the digestive problems.

Oysters are very useful for the heart chakra & clean the heart from every fear, sadness & negative senses. Oysters have a good effect on solar plexus chakra & relaxing the pains in the stomach. Also, oysters can effect on the third eye chakra & increase the clever. We should clean the oysters with the water & sea salt one time in a month. In this way, we can clean the oysters from the negative feelings. Then we should put it under the light of the sun or moon for 24 to 48 hours. In this way, we can charge the seashells.

These are the traditional medicine benefits of the oyster shell. It won’t be bad to do these works & tell us the effects that have on you & then share your experiences with other people. You can buy these delicious, tasty & useful oysters from the wholesalers. But you have to find trustful wholesalers.

Some wholesalers give you a low quality of oyster mussel with the expensive price. In this way, you lose your money & buying a bad seashells. But some of the wholesalers are very trustful. They are going to sell you a high quality oysters with an affordable price. In this way, you save your money & buying the good seafood. After that, you can buy a large number of seashells from them if you have a seashell business. Also, you can buy them from the sites & shops. There are some shops & sites that have a suitable price for these seashells. It is easier to buy your favorite seashells from these sites & shops. But it is your choice to buy from which one. You have to search & then decided which one is more trustful for buying the seafood. 

The benefits of oyster shell in the agriculture

The benefits of oyster shell in the agriculture

As I said before, a lot of people around the world use these kinds of oyster shells in their gardens. These seashells or oyster shells flour are very useful for the people & they are not very expensive. A lot of people around the word like Korean people, Chinese people, Thailand people & people in Florida use these natural materials for their flowers, plants & vegetables. These natural materials like eggshells, seashells & other things have different kinds of calcium carbonate brand name inside them. Before you want to use these combinations, you have to analysis the PH of the soil. In this way, you are understanding that how much combinations the soils need.

If you are using these materials in the soils, your soils are going to be strong & can produce the products in the best way. On the other hand, the taste of these products is very delicious. The products will be healthy for all kinds of person. Because the calcium carbonate & different minerals inside them are absorbing through the plants. In this way, the products are full of calcium carbonates & can replace the lack of them in the bodies of most people. Use these oyster shells in your agriculture. 

The usages of the oyster shell in industries

The usages of the oyster shell in industries

    1. What is the industrial seashells?

The industrial seashells is a white solid materials. The industrial seashells are a special minerals. Industrial seashells or CaCo3 include more than 4 % of the earth’s crust & we can find it around the world. The most important mineralization are aragonite, limestone, marble & travertine. The industrial seashells are existing in two crystal shapes. In this shapes calcite is turning to the hexagonal & aragonite is turning to the rhombohedral. 

  1. The usages of the industrial seashells:

  • In the paper industries: suppliers are using this material for making the paper as the straightener, changing the color from opaque to light white, preventing from spreading the ink on the paper, 

  • In the sugar factories: they are using this material for purification & split the phosphate combination, for getting the sugar & other acids white. In factories that are using beetroot, suppliers use 250 kg lime for each sugar ton. And in the factories that suppliers use sugar cane, suppliers use 2 to 7 kg lime for each sugar ton.

  • In the rubber & plastic industries: suppliers are using the soft industrials seashells for making the rubber & plastics. This material is strong against the heat & increase the strength of the products as the filler. According to these benefits & usages, people use these seashells for making different kind of food. Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Thailand people are eating these types of seafood especially the seashells more.

    Also, they know how to make it delicious. Addition to the industrial & agricultural usages, they have edible usages, too. Most the seashells around the world have an edible features. It means that you can prepare delicious foods with these extraordinary seashells. For example, you can add these seashells to another foods like salad. Or you can make it spicy & then enjoy the hot seashells. If you can’t prepare the oysters by yourself, you can go to the Korean or Chinese restaurants. The chef in these restaurants have a lot of skills in making the delicious oysters. Also, you can boiled the seashells with the salt & then make a tasty sauce for it & enjoy your food.

    Most of the people around the world have allergy to these kinds of food. So, they should avoid using them. In this way, they are protecting their health. On the other hand, eating so much seashells are not very good because it cause some diseases in our body & hurt ourselves. 

How we can import the oyster shell?

How we can import the oyster shell?

As I said in the previous section, the oyster shell uses are a lot. Because of that a lot of people like them very much. According this sentence, it means that oyster shells is an important seafood that is an international business. Farmers are using lime in the agriculture most of the time. Because this material is controlling the PH of the soils. The other usage is that they are using them for their birds & animals. The most part of the animal & bird’s bones are making from the lime.

The eggshell is making from the lime, too.

Suppliers are using seashells for cleaning the water, sterilize, reducing the hardness & PH of the water, precipitate the phosphate & nitrogen in the water, neutralize the acidity of the water. Suppliers are using lime or industrial seashells in the leather industries for separating the hair of the animals from their skins.

For making electrode, suppliers are using lime & in the fire station, suppliers are using lime for producing the powder for turning of the fire. Because of these reasons, we can import the seashells or oysters easily to other countries who can’t produce these types of seafood & seashells.

 The other usages of the oysters are that the suppliers are using them for creating the wire, furniture, sculptures, MDF & clothes.

For making the different kinds of cars & machines, for printing, in the washer materials, in the food industries, in the steel industries, in the chemical industries & also in the color industries, suppliers are using the industrial seashells more than other industries. For this reasons, a lot of countries like: America, Japan, Korea, China, Europe, Australia, Britain, Iran, South Africa, Turkey & other countries are  exporting these seashells to other countries who can’t produce these seafood especially the seashells by their owns. In this way, the producer countries can make money & show their products to another countries & the independent countries that give the seafood products are using them in the industrial works.

Some countries don’t want to import seashell from other countries because they can prepare their necessary needed. But some countries need them very much because they should use them in the industrial or make foods with them. America, China, Iran & Korea are the biggest countries who are producing these seashells more than other countries. Because of that these countries are the biggest countries in exporting the oysters. 

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