Price list of Caco3 in global market in 2019

One of the important requirements for the construction of Caco3 manufacturers is to equip the plant with modern machinery to produce, maximizing the efficiency of existing resources and reducing production costs. 

Price list of Caco3 in global market in 2019

Best Caco3 factories in the world

 Best Caco3 factories in the world About 80% of the material that makes up a rock paper is calcium carbonate, which is supplied from a calcium carbonate plant. The remaining 15% of the paper’s ingredients are polypropylene and polyathylene. 

Materials called coupling agent are used to bind calcium carbonate and resin materials, which are polypropylene and polyathylene. At the surface of cellulose paper, pores are seen due to the presence of short and long fibers and their combination. 

In rock paper, after combining the raw materials, a substance called Compatibilizer is added to homogenize the composition. This material makes the molecular structure of the compound uniform and homogeneous That is why there is no distortion in the texture of the paper. 

The most abundant rock on Earth is limestone, from which calcium carbonate can be extracted from the calcium carbonate plant. The area around Iran is full of limestone-based rocks. (That is why many cement factories are operating in our country) This is one of the main advantages of building a paper mill. 

For this reason, Iran can be one of the countries producing paper from stone. The production of this paper is not cost-effective for countries whose stone industries are not as rich as in Iran. 

Highest quality of Caco3 for exporting

Resistance to tear and decay, durability and longevity This feature will reduce paper waste and save money by reducing consumer costs.

Types of covers, office folders, guide maps and geography Exquisite prints, important and historical documents will greatly benefit from this type of paper.

Waterproof :Stone paper is one hundred percent waterproof. It is used in wet areas and places that deal with water and moisture.

In products that deal with water and moisture, such as various bottles and packaging of protein materials, etc. The use of this product in a normal way or its sticky back has a special place. To this feature, it can be added to be washable.

Chemical resistance:Acids, oils and other chemicals in the presence of natural paper have a detrimental effect on them.While these products are resistant to chemicals.

Cost efficient Caco3 with beautiful patterns

 Cost efficient Caco3 with beautiful patterns Paper from calcium carbonate (stone paper) in the production of all printed and written calcium carbonate bulk near me in the packaging and… industries, the durability of which is important.

It is a good alternative to ordinary paper and cardboard. calcium carbonate price uses 65 to 500 grams for a variety of posters, handbags, wallpaper, cement bags and more.

One of the most important applications that this paper can have in our country is in the field of cement packaging.

The cement packing bag is covered with five layers of paper and one layer of polyethylene.The calcium carbonate tradesmen is used to prevent the cement from penetrating the outside.

But in making stone paper, because polyethylene is used, there is no need to cover it.Another use of this paper is in the production of disposable tableware. Because it is environmentally friendly, it quickly returns to nature and does no harm.

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