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Exporting frozen raw mussels Companies 2020

Exporting frozen raw mussels companies 2020 sells best and high quality frozen calcium carbonate products like mussels in bulk for applicants. these products has large costumers around the world. for more information stay with us until the end.

Exporting frozen raw mussels Companies 2020

What are the best frozen raw mussels?

 What are the best frozen raw mussels?

Researchers from the Polytechnic University of Madrid propose to reuse the mussel shell to improve the chemical properties of the soil and thus increase its quality and fertility. The results of an investigation carried out at the ETSI of Agronomists at the UPM confirm that the treatment of acidic soils with mussel shells produces both an increase in PH and a decrease in aluminum in these soils. This is of great interest because it helps to eliminate industrial waste by reusing it to improve soil quality.

This industry generates a large volume of waste, since the shell represents 31-33% of the weight of the product. The mussel shell is a composite material, with a mineral phase consisting of calcium carbonate (95 to 99% of the shell weight) and small amounts of other elements such as nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorous, potassium and magnesium.

Currently, the mussel shell is discarded, which represents both a cost and an aesthetic problem, so there is great interest in reusing this type of waste. In particular, one possibility is its use in the soil, which can affect its quality.  wholesale prices of calcium carbonate products like frozen raw mussels can be asked from these centers. wholesalers provide bulk amount for bulk buyers.

frozen raw mussels exporters

frozen raw mussels exporters

exporters of frozen raw mussels, provides best and high quality mussels in bulk for traders. also bulk buyers can buy these products in bulk through this site. for more information contact with us.

Total world production of frozen farmed mussels is 2 million tons. China produces about half of this volume. Other important producing countries are Chile and Spain, with about 230,000 tons each. 10 percent of world mussel production enters international trade.

In 2016, the Chilean mussel industry was hit by the red tide. Indeed, in the first six months of the year, Chilean exports were only 34,500 tons, about 7,000 tons less than in 2014. Spain and the US are generally the main markets for Chilean mussels, and both contracted in the first months of 2016.

Mussel production in the EU is divided between rope farming and bottom farming. The northern countries, especially the Netherlands, are concentrated in the latter, while Spain and Italy cultivate mainly string mussels. In Spain, mussel farming is a small-scale activity in Galicia, which in the past supplied the local canning industry. In recent years, frozen Chilean mussels have replaced Spanish local mussels.

This generated certain conflicts in the Spanish mussel industry and forced several small-scale producers to go out of business. Currently, the producers that remained found a promising market in France, especially during the off-season of the French bouchot mussel. best calcium carbonate products like frozen mussels can be purchased from reputable dealer. in this site you can buy them in bulk. for this purpose contact to expert sale.

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