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Buy crushed oyster shell flour

Mineral oysters in a variety of powders, sugars and granules as a cheap source of calcium can significantly reduce the final price of livestock and poultry feed diets.  For more information about crushed oyster shell flour, you can visit more sites.  

Buy crushed oyster shell flour

crushed oyster shell flour suppliers

 crushed oyster shell flour suppliers

Oysters, calcium carbonate, egg shells are used to provide calcium to the diet, and all three have an average of 38% calcium. Calcium is essential in bone structure, egg shells and milk, and acts as a secondary prophet in intracellular communication.  

The larger the particle size of the calcium source, the longer it stays in the stratum corneum and in the stomach of the bird. The size of the particles makes it easier for the birds to pick them. When feeding livestock and poultry, it is important to note that in addition to providing calcium to the diet, the ratio of calcium to dietary phosphorus must be properly observed, because this ratio depends on the type of livestock or bird, breed, age, The sex, purpose of breeding and the stage of production or growth are different.  

History of Mineral Oysters The city of Gonbad Kavous should be searched. Millions of years ago, in the Aqband region, due to the retreat of water from the Caspian Sea, corals and sea shells piled on top of each other and now, after many years, they have become fossils. Today, these materials are called mineral oysters (fossil or mountain).  For more information about The most important crushed shells, you can visit more sites.

Is Imports of crushed oyster shell flour Profitable?

 Is Imports of crushed oyster shell flour Profitable?

For more information about Limited crushed shells  and “Is Imports of crushed oyster shell flour Profitable?”, you can visit more sites.The abundant role of magnesium oxide in mineral oysters stabilizes ruminal pH in ruminants. The stabilization of ruminal pH increases the digestibility of dietary fiber and thus improves milk fat and prevents lameness from acidosis in cows, especially in dairy cows that consume a lot of concentrate. 

Experiments show that providing a calcium diet with mineral oysters has positive effects on milk quality and milk fat. This is due to an increase in milk protein due to binding to a type of phospho protein. Increasing the quality of milk can improve economic conditions for livestock. 

The bad taste and bitterness of magnesium oxide reduces the feed of dairy cows. This problem does not exist in the magnesium in mineral oysters. The absorption capacity of mineral oyster calcium is much higher than other sources of calcium supply due to its organic origin in the animal’s diet. 

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